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Save the Ostler

Can you imagine Uffculme without a pub, can you imagine what implications that might have? It could be our reality.

Introducing the ‘Save the Ostler Inn’ Campaign: Preserving Uffculme’s Beloved and only Pub

Nestled within the heart of Uffculme, a quintessential village known for its charm and sense of community, stands a treasured establishment that has long been a cornerstone of local culture and camaraderie – The Ostler Pub. As the winds of change sweep through the landscape of small businesses, it is with a determined spirit that we rally together for a common cause: to ensure the doors of The Ostler Pub remain open and welcoming for generations to come.

In the face of uncertain times, our community needs to be united under the banner of the ‘Save the Ostler’ campaign. We need the support of passionate residents who understand the immense value this pub adds to our lives and, together, we’ll embark on a journey to preserve not just a building, but a haven of stories, laughter, and shared memories. The threat of closure looms over our beloved pub, urging us to take action and explore every avenue available to safeguard its legacy.

The potential closure of our only village pub could affect every resident of Uffculme, irrespective of personal patronage. The village pub stands as a vital cornerstone, enriching our community as a whole. Its presence fosters social cohesion, provides a valuable meeting point helps nurture a sense of community spirit, and can elevate overall well-being. Moreover, the economic contributions of the pub are substantial, elevating the desirability of our village in the eyes of potential homebuyers, benefiting local businesses, and generating employment opportunities. The repercussions of its loss would reverberate throughout Uffculme, affecting each and every one of us who call this place home.

The Next Steps

The ‘Save the Ostler’ campaign isn’t just a movement; it’s a commitment to preserving the very essence of our village. Our first step was to establish a dedicated committee/steering group, composed of individuals who are unwavering in their dedication to the cause. This team will spearhead an in-depth investigation into the available options, conducting meticulous research to unearth potential solutions that will keep the pub’s doors open.

The journey ahead could be promising, with a multitude of avenues waiting to be explored. We are considering the power of community-driven efforts, including crowdfunding initiatives that tap into the generosity of locals and patrons who share our love for The Ostler Pub. We also believe in the potential of local investors who can see the long-term value of this establishment beyond its financial metrics.

Furthermore, the campaign will delve into the vast array of funds and initiatives designed to support such ventures. We’ll collaborate with organizations like Plunkett Foundation and CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale), tapping into their expertise and resources to bolster our efforts. With guidance, we’ll navigate the landscape of available grants, programs, and strategies that can bolster our cause.

At its core, the ‘Save the Ostler’ campaign is an embodiment of the spirit that defines Uffculme – a spirit of unity, determination, and a commitment to preserving the places that make our village feel like home. This isn’t just about a pub; it’s about safeguarding our traditions, fostering bonds, and ensuring that future generations can revel in the same sense of belonging that we have cherished.

Join us as we embark on this vital mission to safeguard The Ostler Pub. Let’s write the next chapter of our village’s history, one filled with triumph, resilience, and a deep-rooted commitment to preserving what matters most. Together, we can overcome challenges and raise a toast to a future where The Ostler Pub remains a symbol of our community’s enduring strength.

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