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Did you know we used to have at least 7 pubs in Uffculme alone?

In the 1850s census there was The Commercial Inn (now the Ostler), The George on Commercial Road, The Lamb Inn (History unknown), The London Inn and Half Moon on High Street, The Star Inn in Coldharbour, and Farmers Hotel in Clay Lane. 

Only one now exists in 2023, but for how long?

The Ostler Inn established c.1741 has had many names and uses; The Fountain, The Rainbow, The Commercial Inn and The Commercial Hotel before it became The Ostler Inn as we know it today. It has doubled as a smithy in 1850, an Inland Revenue office in 1856, and as a butcher in the 1870s. All whilst being an Inn and Hotel. 

It is an iconic piece of history and one that needs to be preserved for the community of Uffculme. With your support we aim to make the Ostler a community owned establishment, one that meets the needs of the parish of Uffculme.