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Press release: 04 September 2023


Village of Uffculme Unites to Save The Ostler Inn: A New Vision for Community Ownership

Uffculme, Devon, 04/09/23 –

The Village of Uffculme is embarking on an exciting journey to breathe new life into its cherished Ostler Inn, the last remaining pub in the heart of the community. Established in 1741, this heritage pub has been a prominent feature of the village, located at the cornerstone of the Village Square. The “Save The Ostler Inn” campaign has officially kicked off with the formation of an initial Steering Committee on August 30th, 2023.

The Ostler Inn has played a significant role in the fabric of Uffculme for generations, serving as a gathering place, a hub of social activity, and a focal point of the village’s identity. With the challenges facing many traditional pubs today, the community is coming together to explore the feasibility of transforming the Ostler Inn into a community-owned establishment.

At this critical juncture, we are reaching out to the Uffculme community to gauge support for this transformative initiative. To stay updated and be a part of this exciting journey, we encourage all residents and supporters to register for our newsletter at Subscribers will receive timely updates, news, and information about the campaign’s progress.

The next phase of our effort involves actively seeking input from the community. We will be distributing a comprehensive questionnaire to gather thoughts, ideas, and preferences on what a community-run space should look like. We want to ensure that the Ostler Inn becomes a place that truly reflects the desires and needs of our community. The valuable input will help us shape the future of this cherished establishment.

Our Steering Committee, composed of dedicated individuals who are deeply committed to the success of this campaign, will work tirelessly to explore the various options available to us in achieving our goal of community ownership. We believe that by working together, we can secure the future of the Ostler Inn for generations to come.

The “Save The Ostler Inn” campaign is not just about preserving a historic pub; it’s about revitalising our community, fostering a sense of belonging, and creating a space that reflects the aspirations and values of Uffculme residents. The campaign aims to preserve the legacy of this historic Inn while creating a space that serves the evolving needs of the community.

We ask the community to join us in this remarkable journey as we come together to save and reimagine the Ostler Inn. Together, we can turn this vision into reality.

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